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Item: 5003227

Product Description

The Genie® GS™-1330m E-Drive scissor lift is designed for low-level access and space-restricted applications. It is equipped with an efficient, all-electric DC drive system that offers productive power for getting around indoor and outdoor job sites with a quiet, zero-emissions operation.

Compact dimensions ideal for low level and tight access applications

Efficient electric drive system provides maximum runtime per charge while delivering cleaner operation and more traction power

Maximum working height of 18 ft 10 in (5.9 m) indoors and 16 ft 6 in (5.03 m) outdoors

2 person max platform occupancy indoors and 1 person max platform occupancy outdoors

500 lb. (227 kg ) max lift capacity indoors and outdoors

User-friendly Smart Link™ dual-zone controls for indoor and outdoor use