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Item: 5003038

Product Description

The G70 is a prime-powered generator designed to withstand the rigors of repeated transport and continuous loads. The compact, sound-attenuated model provides single and three-phase power for construction, commercial, industrial and special event applications where quiet power is needed. With the DOC/SCR and Tier 4 Final Kohler engine, the need to replace the costly DPF is eliminated, lowering the total cost of ownership.

Tier 4 Final Kohler engines provide industry leading 4-year, 4,000 hour warranty. Maintenance-free, filter-free, and regeneration-free aftertreatment eliminates the need for costly DPF filters.

Ideally suited for applications such as lighting, cranes, concrete mixers, and conveyor belts where a continuous power supply is crucial.

Single side access service point makes daily maintenance quick and simple.

Standard variable speed fan provides fuel savings, noise reduction, and maximized performance for hot and cold weather conditions.