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Item: 5003331

Product Description

The EPA Interim Tier 4 (IT4)/EU Stage IIIB technology utilized in our K-Series diesel engines is fuel-efficient, fully integrated, and fully supported.

Torque reserves are impressive, topping out at a whopping 61 percent in the 724K. It’s a K-Series advantage that helps maintain good boom and bucket speed in and out of the pile. For heaped loads, even in wet or hard-packed material.

Low center of gravity and optimized fore-and-aft balance deliver impressive stability and full-turn tipping-load capacities.

Unsurpassed powertrain and hydraulic performance helps maintain quick ground speed and boom lift, even on steep ramps. For faster cycles.

With John Deere WorkSightTM, JDLinkTM monitoring provides real-time machine utilization and health data, plus location info. Fleet Care proactively suggests maintenance to correct problems early before they cause costly downtime. Service ADVISORTM Remote enables your dealer to read diagnostic codes, record performance data, and even update software without a trip to your jobsite. And integrated payload weighing delivers load data. It’s the most comprehensive, easy-to-use suite of technology available for increasing uptime and productivity while lowering operating costs.