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At 365 Equipment & Supply, we understand the challenges faced by professional builders and contractors. That’s why we offer FODS (Foreign Object Debris System) Reusable Construction Entrances, a revolutionary solution that combines efficiency with environmental responsibility. Our FODS mats, available for both rental or purchase, are not just a product but a pledge of “Steadfast Reliability” for all your construction projects.

FODS Control Mat

Why Choose FODS for Your Site?

Choosing the right solutions for your construction site is important in two ways. First, it can help achieve the best operational efficiency. Any area that can help keep costs down is worth investing in. Secondly, using the FODS mats not only provides stability with its slip resistance but also goes easy on the environment. Because of their materials, FODS mats are reusable and can be used on multiple projects, which can reduce waste on your site. FODS track out control mats stand out as the premier choice, offering a unique blend of durability, cost savings, and more.

Let’s see how FODS can further improve your site management and contribute to a cleaner, safer construction area.

  • Superior Durability

Engineered to withstand the toughest of environments, FODS mats boast a longevity of over 10 years. The FODS mats’ robust design offers a durable alternative to the conventional gravel or stone construction entrances that will ensure your site remains operational and accessible.

  • Eco-friendly and Cost-Efficient

As a completely reusable system that drastically cuts down waste and ongoing costs, you’ll easily embrace sustainability with FODS. By choosing FODS, you’re selecting an eco-conscious path without compromising on quality or functionality and no more need or reliance on single-use materials.

  • Rapid, Hassle-Free Installation:

Every minute counts on a construction site. Designed for quick deployment, FODS can be set up in about 30 minutes, making sure your project stays on schedule. FODS mats are engineered for swift deployment for efficient use and minimal downtime.

  • Effective Mud and Debris Control:

The unique pyramid design of FODS mats effectively removes debris from vehicle tires. This unique feature helps in maintaining cleaner site exits and can significantly reduce the environmental impact and keep adjacent public roadways clean.

  • Rent with Confidence from 365 Equipment & Supply

Selecting FODS from 365 Equipment & Supply means choosing a partner committed to your project’s success. Our “Steadfast Reliability” promise guarantees not just superior quality equipment but also the best customer service and support throughout your entire rental period. With FODS, you are not just renting equipment; you are supporting a cleaner, safer, and more efficient construction site.

FODS matt
FODS Matt Zoomed In

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To learn more about the game-changing impact of FODS on your construction project, explore rental options, or to purchase, visit us at 365 Equipment & Supply and get in touch with our expert team. Collaborate today with 365 Equipment & Supply and take a step towards a cleaner, safer, and more efficient construction site with FODS.